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CQubists 2014

PriestmanArchitects China partner CQubed, has launched CQubists 2014, its annual summer programme. Over the 10 week summer programme, carefully coordinated workshops, trips and presentations will complement and punctuate the life changing experience they are undertaking. They will work on live CQubed projects guaranteeing unrivalled exposure to business in China... Read The Rest →

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Bise Village, China competition win

Priestman Architects have won the competition and contract for the regeneration of  historic villages in Yunnan Province in 4 sqkm of land for open museums, outdoor activities, agriculture, cuisine and short to long term living. Bise Village has unique nationally listed early... Read The Rest →

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CQubists Intern Programme

PriestmanArchitects China partner CQubed, has launched CQubists 2013, its annual intern programme. Eight undergraduates will be invited to form the 2013 CQubists team and jump headlong into this booming city of pace and spice. Whether an Architect or Economist, Geographer, Film maker... Read The Rest →

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CQubed Hub

PriestmanArchitects has recently completed a 400sqm collaborative office space in Chongqing. Housing the design led Venture Capital firm CQubed, alongside PriestmanArchitects Chongqing, Arnaud and Enchanted English, the unique environment provides a platform for innovation in the heart of China.