Apraksin Dvor St Petersburg

historic city regeneration

Apraksin Dvor is a central market district of  about 14 hectares, comprising under-used and decaying 19thC buildings. The first prize winning concept is to retain the qualities of this historic part of the City and to regenerate it by introducing new life and activities. Special historic buildings are to be kept, refurbished and given new uses.  A new heart will be created in the central area which will provide pubic open space under a new glazed roof.  This will be a major attraction for the City where people can meet, shop, eat and be entertained with leisure activities. Fashionable new shops, cafés, restaurants and hotels will open on to this remarkable new covered space which will be beautifully landscaped for people to enjoy themselves, whilst protected from St. Petersburg’s hostile climate.


The expansive crystalline glass tensegrity roof will be unique and will imbue the space with delicate changing light reflecting the weather, the time of day and the seasons. A major new building on the River Fontanka will replace the severe 1960’s Publishing house and create a new gateway into the renewed Apraksin district.  It will be a new and magical architectural intervention, in tune with its historic surroundings but forming a dramatic contrast between new and old.  And, to emphasize this new destination, a spectacular new footbridge will be constructed over the River Fontanka in front of it, which will be supported by a light weight tensegrity structure which reiterates the central covered roof structure and creates a delicate ‘cloud’ hovering over the water.


Central St Petersburg, Russia

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