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20 years of development in Chongqing

20 great designers of Chongqing

Special WATCH magazine showcasing 20 active designers in Chongqing, including Matthew Priestman.

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Matthew Priestman:

"I admire the Chinese countryside's way of life"

Interview with Matthew Priestman discussing life in China.

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Matthew Priestman:

"Chongqing's not just for multinationals"

Interview with Matthew Priestman about Chongqing development.

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mountain water

Mountain Waters:

landscaping in contemporary China

From London, our studio is now in Chongqing in South West China where we are working on many scales, types of projects and workshops in China at times of rapid change. Environmental, socio-economic and spatial problems persist; the phenomenon of the burgeoning dominant human habitat of the city is also faced with rapid change from new technologies and forms of occupation.


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the open book COVER.jpg

The Open Book

Community needs, the role of the public domain and disaster relief all coalesce in The Pinch, an imaginative timber structere by Olivier Ottevaere and John Lin of the University of Hong Kong, writes Matthew Priestman